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Self-Guided Walks

The Snowdon Horseshoe

31st October 2016

There are great mountain walks, there are epic mountain walks, and there is the Snowdon Horseshoe. Great, epic and intense. Spectacularly rugged and breathlessly beautiful, the Snowdon Horseshoe will send tingles down the spine of anyone who has an interest in hill walking. This is Snowdonia at its very best – a place of brutish, rugged peaks that skyrocket from the valley floor to summit in the blink of an eye.


The drama builds with every step of this dramatic scramble around the rugged steep ridges of Snowdon’s mighty Cwm Dyli. Below, a vast amphitheatre awaits, surrounded by the high, craggy peaks of Snowdon, Garnedd Ugain, Y Lliwedd and the legendary ‘Crib Goch’.


Only the hardiest of hill-walkers tackle the knife-edge ridges and the steep scrambles this legendary route has to offer. Your nerves, stamina and determination will be put to the test, but if you give it a try, I guarantee you will love every second of it.

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Snowdon: Pyg Track ascent and Miner’s Track decent

28th August 2016

The Pyg Track is a classic route to the summit of Snowdon. Short, scenic, steeped in history and with a tough final ascent. The Pyg Track is the shortest route up Snowdon with the least amount of vertical ascent. The path is easy to follow and well maintained making this a good route for less experienced hill walkers. The scenery on the Pyg Track is possibly the best of any of the other routes, rivaled only by the Watkin Path.



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Snowdon: Watkin Path

28th August 2016

The Watkin Path is the toughest route to the summit of Snowdon with a challenging final ascent and stunning views. The Watkin Path is considered to be the most challenging of the six ‘classic’ routes to the summit. Starting just a few metres above sea level, the route offers the biggest vertical ascent gain to the summit, as well as sections of steep and loose scree making the final approach demanding. That said, the Watkin Path is also thought to be the best route to the summit and certainly a personal favourite of mine.


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